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Voters across Florida are learning on television that Rubio does not show up for work. Now, specific Floridians need to learn other information through different mediums.

All Black voters, especially Black men, need to learn through radio, digital and mail, that while Val Demings is committed to the needs of Black Floridians, Marco Rubio will not fight for us:

  • About Val Demings: Val Demings is the daughter of a maid and a janitor who worked hard to make ends meet, raising Val in a two-bedroom house with her six siblings. Demings was the first in her family to graduate from college and went on to a career in public service, first as a social worker, then as a 27-year police officer and the first Black woman Police Chief of Orlando. As Chief, Demings cut the violent crime rate by 40% by investing in communities and improving social services. Finally, she went on to serve in the U.S. Congress, where she’s worked with both parties to get results and lower the cost of living for working families.
  • About Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio has one of the worst attendance records in the Senate. Even as Florida families struggle with rising costs, he’s skipped 90% of hearings on Social Security and Medicare, including 85% of hearings on prescription drugs. Meanwhile, he voted against lowering drug costs, even as the average cost of drugs has skyrocketed and 30% of Floridians stopped taking medication as prescribed due to cost. Rubio’s campaigns have accepted millions of dollars in contributions from pharmaceutical and oil & gas special interests, and has received millions of dollars in campaign help from the gun lobby. And he does their bidding instead of doing what’s right for Florida. 

Many Hispanic voters have voted for Marco Rubio before and aren’t familiar with Val Demings. These voters need to learn that Marco Rubio has disappointed us by helping special interests, not us, while Val Demings’s working class story and history of public service mean she will deliver for our families. Hispanic voters need to receive TV in Spanish, and radio and digital ads in English and in Spanish, about Marco Rubio and Val Demings:

  • About Marco Rubio: We don’t know who Marco Rubio is working for anymore, but it’s not us. Even as working families are struggling with sky-high prices, Rubio voted against dealing with inflation, against bringing down drug costs, and against capping the cost of insulin. And, his campaigns have taken over $17 million in contributions from Wall Street special interests and he voted to give them billions of dollars in tax giveaways. And Rubio has skipped 90% of hearings related to Florida seniors and voted repeatedly to gut Medicare and against Social Security.r
  • About Val Demings: In contrast, Val Demings is the daughter of a maid and a janitor who worked her way through college, worked as a social worker and then spent 27 years in the Orlando police department and became Orlando’s first female Chief of Police. In the U.S. Senate, she’ll take on the leaders of both parties and the wealthy special interests to continue to deliver for working Florida families.

Additionally, Hispanic voters also need to receive digital ads and radio in English and in Spanish that Chief Demings believes we need a Florida First policy for housing. She wants to crack down on out-of-state real estate speculators who have been buying up properties across the state to re-sell at prices Floridians can’t afford. And she wants rent control for Florida residents to prevent unfair rent increases for working Floridians.

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