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Later in the summer, voters need to hear that Mike Rogers is out for himself and will hurt regular Michiganders to get richer.

  • First, voters need to hear that after Rogers left Congress, he cashed in on his connections from Congress to make millions, and worked for companies tied to Chinese tech, Saudi tech, and Saudi nuclear power projects. His wealth increased up to 20 times, by up to $14.5 million dollars, and he used that money to move to Florida and buy a million-dollar mansion.
  • In Congress, Rogers took more than $1 million from the pharmaceutical industry and bragged about being their “champion”. He voted to shield drug companies from legal liability when their defective medicines hurt and killed people. He voted against forcing Medicare to negotiate down seniors’ drug prices, and he voted for jeopardizing seniors’ guaranteed health coverage and raising the eligibility age.
  • In Congress, Rogers took more than $500,000 from Wall Street. He tried to help his Wall Street backers privatize Social Security, which would take away the benefits seniors have earned and allow them to be gambled on the stock market.

As we enter the fall, voters also need to know that Rogers said, “I support all restrictions on abortion”, voted for an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape and incest, and is backed by groups trying to ban abortion nationwide to take Michiganders’ rights away.

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