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Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan understands values of faith, family and hard work. He will fight like hell for workers and stand up to his party when they are wrong because he always puts Ohio first.

Voters statewide in Ohio most importantly need to see TV ads right now saying that Tim Ryan will stand up to China and fight for manufacturing in Ohio:

  • Check out Tim’s impassioned speeches on the House floor focused on China on November 2nd, 2021 and October 25th 2011. 
  • Voters need to see that Tim Ryan believes that we cannot appease the communist government of China, we need to take them on and drive that investment back in the United States and reclaim the mantle of manufacturing around the world.
  • Voters need to see Tim Ryan passionately ask the House of Representatives when are we going to wake up? When are we going to have the guts to level the playing field? The guts to take on China? The guts to do what is right so our kids and grandkids can thrive in the United States?

JD Vance 

JD Vance is a fraud who only cares about himself and will hurt Ohio to get what he wants. He will say or do anything to get elected and Ohio voters cannot trust him in the Senate.

Voters statewide in Ohio need to see TV ads during the summer saying that J.D. Vance is a phony and a fraud who can’t be trusted:

Dangerous Views on Women

Voters need to see and hear that Vance hold dangerous views on women calling rape “inconvenient” and saying women in violent marriages should stay in them:

  • Vance said he does not support abortion exceptions in the case of rape, calling rape “inconvenient.”
  • Vance believes divorce is too common and said women in violent marriages should stay in them for the sake of their children. 

Sham Non-profit

Voters need to see and hear that when Vance recently moved back to Ohio, he started a non-profit he claimed would fix the opioid epidemic. Instead:

  • Vance used the money he raised to promote himself and to pay for a political advisor and political polling, boosting his own image and political career. 
  • Vance’s organization gave nearly zero dollars to charity over several years and is now defunct, leading an independent expert to call the organization a “charade” that was “sitting around doing nothing.”

Privatize Social Security

Voters need to see and hear that while Vance now says he won’t privatize social security, before running for office he wrote blog posts under a pseudo name that he supported dramatic cuts to Social Security:

  • Vance’s is being dishonest with voters in his senate campaign when his campaign says he will not vote to privatize Social Security.
  • Prior to running for office, Vance wrote on a blog called “Hillbilly Elite” that he would support dramatic cuts to Social Security and supported a plan opposed by the AARP that would “end Medicare as we know it.”



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