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Voters across Wisconsin need to know that Ron Johnson only cares about himself and his wealthy donors and has hurt Wisconsin’s families.

Key Points for All Markets

  • Johnson has voted repeatedly to force cuts to Social Security — voting to raise the retirement age to 70 and to cut Medicare. He even voted to block Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices and to stop a cap on out of pocket drug costs for seniors.
  • Ron Johnson has said healthcare is “more of a privilege.” He took $600,000 from the insurance industry and voted to allow them to charge people more for having pre-existing conditions or charge older Americans more for their care.
  • Johnson is in it for himself and the rich donors that helped him into office over the needs of the people of Wisconsin. He wrote a tax loophole that gave millions in tax breaks to himself and his millionaire donors. Two of his biggest donors got $215 million in tax deductions in a single year, and while in the Senate, Johnson’s personal wealth has doubled. And he expressed support for a plan to hike taxes on middle- and working-class Wisconsinites. 

Women in all markets and of all ages — especially women online who watch YouTube — need to see, hear, or read repeatedly about Johnson and abortion: 

  • Johnson supports allowing Wisconsin to ban abortions in cases of rape and incest, and helped write a bill that would ban many abortions nationwide and even put doctors in jail for performing abortions. He said that if people don’t like abortion laws like the one in Wisconsin, “you can move.” And Johnson said that single moms struggling to make ends meet should go work in a daycare together and take care of each other’s children. 

Older Voters Need to See, Hear, or Read Repeatedly about Johnson on Social Security and Medicare:

  • Johnson has voted repeatedly to force cuts to Social Security – voting to raise the retirement age, and to cut Medicare. He even voted against requiring Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices and a cap on out of pocket drug costs for seniors.


While the priority is for voters to learn about the ways Ron Johnson has failed Wisconsin, if they are learning about Mandela Barnes, voters need to see, hear, and read the following:

  • Barnes’s mom was a teacher and his dad worked the third shift in an auto plant. Hard work was their ticket to the middle class. He understands what working families are up against which is why he will fight for a middle class tax cut so hard-working people keep more of what they earn.
  • In the Senate, Barnes will put American workers first and work to undo the outsourcing that made Wisconsin’s workers, small businesses, and farmers struggle while big corporations make record profits shipping jobs overseas.
  • He will bring the supply chain back home to take on inflation, lower costs, and create good paying jobs so our economy isn’t dependent on goods from overseas.