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Ohio voters need to know that Sherrod Brown is always working for the people of Ohio  and should hear example after example of the clear ways Sherrod Brown has made a difference for people across the state. 

  • Sherrod Brown wrote and fought to pass a law that made sure over one hundred thousand Ohio workers got back the pensions they earned after Wall Street gambled away their retirement.
    • TV coverage available HERE
  • Sherrod Brown worked with Republicans to pass major legislation to expand health care for hundreds of thousands of Ohio veterans who suffered severe health complications, including cancer and lung disease, as a result of exposure to toxic burn pits during their service.
    • TV coverage available HERE
  • Sherrod Brown is leading the fight to keep fentanyl out of our communities.  He wrote the bill that cracks down on money laundering and the fentanyl supply chain from China and Mexico, and gives Ohio law enforcement the tools they need.
    • TV coverage available HERE

Updated Sherrod Brown in Ohio Video