North Carolina

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Voters across the state of North Carolina need to learn about Ted Budd’s character: voters should see over a series of messages that Congressman Ted Budd is a corrupt politician who plays by his own rules to help himself.

  • Right before his family’s company filed for bankruptcy, Congressman Budd and his family paid themselves $10 million and screwed North Carolina farmers and other farmers across the country out of $50 million dollars.

  • And even though Ted Budd is a multimillionaire, the business went into bankruptcy owing up to $1.35 million in taxes, but not before Budd’s family repaid itself to the tune of $10 million.


Black voters, especially those under age 45 who are not strong partisans, need to hear in targeted mail and digital communications that Ted Budd is an extreme MAGA Republican who will pursue a dangerous, racist agenda.

  • Ted Budd supports passing new laws that would make it harder for Black people and other people of color to be able to vote and wants to allow Republican officials to be able to overturn election results if they don’t like the outcome of an election.

  • And Ted Budd stood with the January 6th rioters who attacked the Capitol, calling them “just patriots standing up.” Budd said the 2020 election results weren’t legitimate and repeatedly voted to overturn the results of the 2020 election to prevent Biden from becoming President.